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We offer a 20% discount on massage services in exchange for a monthly commitment, set up with a credit card auto pay.


Your 1 monthly service is "use it or lose it". If a rare circumstance arises that you're unable to use your monthly service, you can discuss it with Vida. There's no intent to penalize anyone - we simply do not want service credit stacking up.

Your service is not transferable to any other individual.

if you wish more than 1 monthly service at 20% off, you must sign up for an additional membership.

New customers will receive a discount on their NEXT service, not the very first service.

Please consider the full service price when tipping therapists. They work very hard to give you a great experience!

Purchase a Membership

Please inquire with your therapist about membership for 60/90 minute Deep Tissue or Swedish/Relaxation at 20% off!

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